Guest Information 2021 in relation to Covid 19

There will be a copy of this information in each cottage for guests to refer to.

In order to ensure that the health and well being of all our guests, cleaning staff and ourselves is protected as much as possible we have put together the following information about how we will now be cleaning the cottages and some changes in arrival times and things we are asking guests to do at the end of their stay.

This approach is based on guidance given to the whole of the self-catering sector by the Scottish Government  and is aimed at keeping our properties as Covid secure as possible.


What we ask of guests:

  • Please do not come and stay in our cottage if you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 or have had them in the last 10 days. Please contact us to advise this and we will re-arrange your stay.
  • Up to 8 people from up to four households can be inside a cottage. In line with Scottish Government legal requirements up to four households are able to meet indoors.
  • Your own protection: This is your responsibility so please use your own hand sanitiser, face mask gloves etc for protecting yourself whilst on holiday and in the cottage as you would at home. Scottish Gov are asking that we use face masks when in enclosed spaces like shops so please ensure you do so when shopping locally. You do not need to wear them whilst in your cottage (unless you choose to do so) or when you are walking around the loch or fishing etc.
  • Social distancing: We ask people to socially distance from non-household parties whilst staying here - currently this is 1m in Scotland.
  • Bedding – we will provide all bedding and towels as usual but if you wish to bring any or all of your own please let us know.
  • When in the cottage, please wash your hands etc as you would at home. We are providing hand sanitiser for you to use if you have run out but ask that you bring your own. We also provide a disinfectant spray and cloth for you to use to wipe down surfaces should you wish to. We will have disinfected all major touch points but feel free to wipe what you want to before you use it.
  • Arrival times are now later than usual to allow for airing of property as long as possible as per government guidance as well as the extra cleaning – please do not arrive before 4.30pm
  • Departure times are slightly earlier than usual to allow for airing & extra cleaning– please depart as early as possible and by 9.30am. Please see below for departure information.


On arrival:

Please make yourselves at home in your chalet as normal. The key will be in the door – it will have been disinfected. We will come and say hello at some point or will see you down at the loch on your day of arrival.


During your stay:

  • We hope that all our guests will have a fantastic and restful stay whilst here.
  • Please ring us on 01890 771960 if you need to check anything or have any problems. We ask that if possible you ring us between 8am and 6pm. If urgent then don’t hesitate to call us outside of these hours.
  • If any of your party develop symptoms of Covid 19 please let us know straightaway by ringing or texting us. It is likely you would want to get yourselves home at that point depending on your symptoms. Between us we will seek advice on what you need to do & we would help in whichever way we could.


On departure day:

  • Please open all windows and doors once you are up so as to allow air to circulate through the property for as long as possible before we go in to clean.
  • Please put all crockery and cutlery (used the day before & on departure day) in dishwasher & set on a 60 degree cycle. If no dishwasher please wash in hot soapy water.
  • Please strip all bed linen including mattress and pillow protectors, and place in bin liner/s provided and leave near front door.
  • Please place all towels, bath mats and tea towels in separate bag, tie up and leave near front door.


What we will do to prepare your cottage:

  • Leave the cottages to air for as long as possible on changeover day.
  • A thorough ‘normal clean’ of each cottage.
  • All cleaners will use gloves, mask and disposable aprons when cleaning each cottage.
  • If guests bringing own bedding then our bedding will be removed. Clean mattress protectors will be put in place. Clean bed linen, pillow & mattress protectors will be used for those guests who are using our bedding.
  • After the normal clean we will disinfect all touch points, doors, skirting, floors etc
  • We will provide a disinfectant spray for those who wish to use it during their stay.
  • There will be hand sanitiser in the cottage for guests to use if they run out of their own. We ask that this is left in the cottage at all times.


Thank you for your understanding during these times – these measures are for reassurance for all our guests, staff and ourselves that we are all doing what we can to ensure your stay is as stress free as possible whilst keeping you, us and cleaning staff as safe as possible.

Thank you! Carmel & Gareth