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Bird life at Coldingham Loch

We are lucky to have a wide variety of birds visiting the Loch and its environs. The gallery on this page shows images of some of the bird life photographed here.  And we also list below other birds seen at the Loch which we don’t yet have images of:

Bunting (Reed) , Buzzard,  Crow,  Cormorant,  Cuckoo,  Curlew,  Dove (Collared)

Duck (Tufted),  Duck (Ruddy),  Fieldfare,  Gannet,  Goldeneye,  Goosander,

Goose (Canada),  Grebe (Little),  Grebe (Great Crested),  Gull (Black Headed),

Gull (Common),  Gull (Black-backed),  Gull (Herring),  Jackdaw,  Jay,  Kestrel,

Kingfisher,  Linnet,  Magpie,  Mallard,  Martin (House),  Martin (Sand),

Merganser,  Moorhen,   Osprey,  Owl (Barn),   Owl (Little),  Owl (Long-Eared),

Owl (Short-Eared),  Owl (Tawny),  Peregrine,  Plover (Golden),  Raven,  Rook,

Scaup,  Shag,  Skylark,  Snipe (Common),  Snipe (Jack),  Sparrow (House),

Starling,  Swallow,  Swift,  Tern,  Thrush (Mistle),  Wagtail (Grey),  Wagtail (Pied)

Wagtail (Yellow),  Warbler (Willow),  Waxwing,  Whitethroat,  Woodcock,  Woodpecker (Lesser Spotted), Woodpecker Green), Woodpecker (Middle Spotted),  Wren

Please let us know if there are any missing that you have seen at the Loch and are not on this list or the photo gallery below.

The majority of the pictures in the gallery have been taken from Sunnyside chalet by Ian McArthur whilst he and his wife Margaret were staying there in January 2013. Thanks to Ian & Margaret for giving us this selection to share on this website.

If anyone has photos of birds they have seen at Coldingham that they would be happy for us to put on this section of the site please send to